Top 5 Pumpkin Beers

Pumpkin beer: beer drinkers either love ’em or leave ’em. I want to love every pumpkin ale I come across, but the truth is, most of them fall flat on flavor. My requirements for an excellent brew? It has to taste like pumpkin pie in liquid form! Simple as that. Not...

A Craft Beer Guide to the Upper East Side

No one has ever claimed the Upper East Side is a cool place to hang out in Manhattan, but it is the last affordable neighborhood before your options become Harlem and Washington Heights. The UES may not be your first thought when it comes to discovering craft beer stores and...

Trappist Beer: A Gift from Holy Men

I was very tempted to make an Admiral Ackbar pun in the title, but you know, bad for SEO and all that. I’m pretty sure random people “researching” Pepe Le Pew are still tossed over to my post on skunky beer. But back to the more important matter at hand: Trappist...

New York City Beer Bar Wishlist

The craft beer boom has led to a surge in acceptable bars complete with foie gras and a few too many hipsters. All over the country beer enthusiasts can find a local haunt and shops carrying their favorites and hard-to-find brews. So naturally that means New York is flooded with...

Beer Review: Maine Beer Company King Titus

Maine Beer Company’s King Titus sold me with their rather spartan beer label featuring a tiny picture of a gorilla. Beer labels are often known for more eccentric, eye-catching [read: weird] designs. Aside from recognizing a brewery, we’re all guilty of choosing beers based on pun-filled names and label design, or at least I sometimes do!

The Rise of the Cans

Anyone following the trends of craft beer has certainly noticed the rise–and overall acceptance–of canned beer. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t see myself, or the majority of beer drinkers for that matter, accepting a canned beer. Who could blame us?

Beer Batter Pancakes: The Experiment Continues

Not too long ago I wrote, unknowingly, one of my most popular posts to date, Beer Batter Pancakes: The Ongoing Experiment. I was not lying about the “ongoing experiment” part. Because 1) I love pancakes. 2) I love beer. 3) I know how to do math!