Tame Peculiarity at Peculier Pub

Peculier Pub NYCThis past weekend I ventured to my new favorite bar Peculier Pub. Located in a mecca of bars down on Bleecker, the safe haven for twenty-something-year-olds and college students, rests Peculier Pub. It’s up for some steep competition with The Bitter End next door and the allure of the pirate bar Wicked Willy’s. But how could either really compete with a bar boasting over 300 beers? Yeah that menu was a good 4-5 pages long of beer alone, plus another few dedicated for mixed drinks, beer cocktails, and food.

Do I even need to divulge into this epic beer menu of epicness? Let’s! You’ve got your classics from Belgium like Chimay and Saison Dupont, Samuel Smiths from England, and plenty of Hefeweizens from Germany. The U.S. beers are broken down by state and it’s everything you would expect like Harpoon, Rogue, and Southampton. But we have some beer from Hawaii like Fire Rock, Lobster Red Ale from Maine, and Voodoo Vator from Michigan. Did you ever think you’d have beer from Vietnam or Korea? Well now you can. Along with beer from Latvia, Peru, Israel, Turkey, and New Zealand. I could literally go to this bar every week and always try something new –I think I’m up for that challenge.

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