Once You Go Black… – A Look at Porters and Stouts

Anchor Porter BeerThere’s a reason sayings exist, because they’re true! Once I turned myself onto (that’s what she said?) the darker side of beer, there was no going back. I love a lot of beer and I embrace all styles, but my heart lies with porters and stouts. How could you not enjoy chocolate and coffee flavored beers?

Despite separate names, Porters and Stouts are basically the same. They’re the identical twins of beer. They look the same yet have subtle personality differences. But they’re not creepy like those twins in The Shining. Instead, they’re delicious! Porters received their name due to their popularity among river porters in London during the 18th century. Porters are made from dark roasted malts, but flavors vary from beer to beer. Stronger versions used to be distinguished by Strong Porter, Extra Porter, Double Porter, and Stout Porter. Porter was eventually dropped from Stout Porter and most will argue that Stouts are stronger than Porters. But the only ones arguing are true beer geeks.

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